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Carbonless Set Image


Carbonless or NCR forms can used for many applications such as invoices, receipts, purchase orders, service reports, delivery notes, contracts, work orders, etc.

How They Work

Pressure from writing on the top sheet causes a reaction between the coating on the underside of the sheet with the coating on the top of the sheet underneath.

The forms can consist of how ever many sheets you require but in practice we recommend no more than five sheets as the pressure required to have legible images on all the sheets is more than the average person writing will apply.


Carbonless paper colours are white, pink, blue, green and yellow. They can be printed in one or more colours. The reverse of one or all sheets can be printed on the reverse with terms and conditions if required.

Carbonless Book Image

Continuous Carbonless Image

Sets, Pads, Books or Continuous

The carbonless sets can be supplied in loose sets. As pads with a backing board or made into books with a backing board and wrap around cover. Alternatively they can be continuous sets for impact printers.


Numbering, hole drilling and perforating are available as optional extras.