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Encapsulation Image


Encapsulation and lamination are processes where a sheet of printed material is protected by the application of a thin sheet of plastic.


This is when the plastic film is applied to one or both sides of the printed sheet.


This is the process which applies the protective plastic film to both sides and has a seal around the edge of the printed sheet. It then provides protection against water and dirt ingress at the edges. Useful where printed matter is displayed in outdoor or wet environments.

Sizes and Thickness

We provide a while you wait encapsulation service for small quantities ranging in size from ID or business cards up to A3. Our standard product is a gloss finish medium weight but we also have matt finish avialable. We also have light and heavy weights. Using heavy weight will add rigidity to the encapsulated item.

ID Badge Image


We carry small stocks of accessories for use with encapsulated items such as clips for ID badges and straps for luggage tags.

Linea Machine Image

Wide Format

A recent addition to our services is a wide format machine that allows us to do A2, A1 and A0. It is roll fed machine configured with matt film on one sde and a gloss on the other. Being roll fed it will allow us to dfferent lengths not just fixed sizes.