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Rubber Stamps Image

Traditional Rubber Stamps

Long lasting and inexpensive, a plastic handle on a perspex mount. Different sizes are available. These stamps require a separate ink pad.

Self-Inking Stamps

This stamp has a built-in ink pad. The text plate inks itself when it rotates back into the body after use. The ink pad can be quickly and easily changed to give thousands more impressions. Manufactured from either plastic or metal depending upon the application and size. Daters and message daters are also available in this range.

Pre-Inked Stamps

The ink is held within the body of the stamp and passes through the die to make the impression. Thousands of impressions are possible before re-inking is necessary. A window allows the whole of the text plate to be viewed, even on the larger sizes.

Replacement Ink and Ink Pads

Inks and Pads Image

Inks for re-inking and pads for self-inking stamps as well as traditional stamps pads are available in a range of colours. Specialist inks and pads are available as well.