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Brackley Butchers Leaflet Image


An essential part of most marketing plans, they are versatile and can be distributed in many ways. They come in different sizes and colour schemes, the cheapest being black on white but more commonly in colour as it has more impact. As the adage goes 'a picture is worth a thousand words' and a colour photo imparts much more information.


Also know as flyers (an American term) they are usually based on the A4 size and sub divisions of. Either single or double sided on plain, coloured or glossy paper.

EDM Leaflet Image


These are a form of leaflet which has been folded to create four, six or even eight pages from a single sheet. They can also be multi-paged when stapled through the centre fold. Generally these are produced on glossy or silk paper. Usual finished sizes are A5 or A4 but others are possible.

Jack Brochure Image

Crewe Arms Brochure Image

A multi-paged brochure can also be used as a mini catalogue or price list.


Generally leaflets and brochures are zero rated for VAT but the number produced, the information they contain and what they are printed on can affect this.